Sonos Smart Speaker Review: The Smart and High-Quality Option

Discover why the Sonos One is a highly recommended smart speaker in this quick review.

Technology continues to make everyday tasks simpler and easier for us, so it’s no surprise that we tend to expect a lot more from it. Nowadays, people expect more from each and every piece of tech. Take your good ol’ speaker, for example. For some people, it’s not enough that it can play audio. It should also be able to do a whole lot more.

This is where smart speakers come in. These wireless devices are equipped with artificial intelligence and are capable of receiving voice command, providing great ease of use. They can also be used for home automation, letting you make your home smarter with fewer devices to work with.

I’ve had an experience where our our house was being painted by one of the best Oahu painting companies on the island and their painters were integrated using the Sonos Smart Speaker! Not only did they use the speaker for “groove music”, hey had alarms going off to keep their schedule and they were using the Alexa app features to take job notes for them. It goes to show that this speaker can be used for practical business solutions.

The Sonos One is a good example of such smart speakers. Considered as a contender for being the best smart speaker on the market today, it’s definitely worth looking into. This Sonos smart speaker review aims to help you do just that, so stick around to learn more.  Continue reading “Sonos Smart Speaker Review: The Smart and High-Quality Option”

How To Pick Out The Perfect Bluetooth Speaker

Find out how to find the perfect Bluetooth speaker for you in this short guide.

Music has always been an indispensable part of our lives. This is why portable music playback devices are part of most people’s gadget arsenal. You can listen to your favorite songs and beats using high-quality earphones and headphones but if you want to share music on your phone to others, you can count on Bluetooth speakers to help you out.

Bluetooth speakers are now becoming more of a necessity especially for people who care about the quality of the sound of their music.

If you don’t own one yet, there are many options to choose from and you can enjoy high-quality audio sans wires in no time.

Shopping for Bluetooth speakers is also easy if you know what to look for in a speaker. Of course, audio quality should be your priority. It should sound great so you can fully enjoy the music or audio that you want to listen to. The volume range is also important, so you can use it in many situations. Continue reading “How To Pick Out The Perfect Bluetooth Speaker”

Make Your Audio Devices Wireless

Maceton Wireless Bluetooth Reciever Review

Today, wireless audio is the preferred choice. No fiddling and entangling wires to deal with. It’s a luxury to have.  But, updating all of your audio devices is not only cumbersome but pricey. There are other solutions for converting your wired audio devices and accessories to wireless easily and at a very cheap price.

Maceton offers a wireless receiver that converts any of your wired devices equipped with a 3.5 mm audio jack into a Bluetooth enabled wireless device. Now, you can convert your wired headphones, old car radio (with an AUX port), speakers, home stereo, PC, earbuds, etc. into a device that connects to Bluetooth devices like your smartphone.

The Maceton Aluminum Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Reciever simply plugs into the 3.5 mm audio jack of your device (headphones, speakers, car stereo, etc.). Pair your music device to the Maceton receiver, and enjoy your music, videos, audiobooks, etc., wirelessly.  Continue reading “Make Your Audio Devices Wireless”