Turtle Beach Elite Pro Tournament Gaming Headset Review

In this Turtle Beach Elite Pro review, we are going to concentrate on the things that gamers care about the most. Gamers who buy gaming headsets are easy enough to understand. They want good audio qualities. They want to feel comfortable wearing the headset. It should also look good when they’re wearing it.

So yes, it’s a wired gaming headset, which some gamers actually prefer for reliable sound. It’s also quite expensive, especially with the optional accessories. But the Turtle Beach Elite Pro does offer a lot for your money.

The Look

The Turtle Beach Elite Pro comes with a surprisingly understated design. That’s a nice change from the overly-enthusiastic “Look at me, I’m a gamer!” design that’s prevalent among other gaming headsets.

It offers a nice mix of plastic and metal, and it doesn’t look cheap at all. In fact, it looks serious, and it makes you seen like you’re a no-nonsense pro on the hunt for noobs. 


So how does it feel like when you’re wearing it? It’s also quite comfy, in fact. It really helps that the Turtle Beach Elite Pro comes with memory foam for the top of the headset so it sits nicely on top of your head. You also have ample memory foam on the ear pads too. That memory foam really molds to the shape of your head.

That memory foam is covered with smooth fabric and leather, and again that combination boosts your comfort level. The earcup diameter is wide too, so the headset doesn’t pinch your ears. There’s even a strap you can adjust on the earcups so you can reduce the pressure you feel when you’re wearing eyeglasses.

The earcups can be rotated by several degrees, while the headband can be moved vertically and the headband tension can be adjusted. All in all, this should be comfy to wear for most people.

Audio Quality

Gaming headsets as a whole have a rather poor reputation among audiophiles. However, these people probably wouldn’t mind the sound quality of the Turtle Beach Elite Pro. It’s actually terrific.

It’s a stereo headset, and you’ll get an enjoyable experience using this for gaming or even for listening to music. The vocals are crisp as they ought to be for gaming, so you can understand your team members more easily. There’s a nice balance for the mid tones, and the bass is quite robust. You get the strong oomph in the bass without it downing the other frequencies. When you’re gaming, the wide soundstage quality can really feel immersive.

There’s a virtual 7.1 surround sound option, but you don’t really need it. It’s expensive, and yet it adds to the cable clutter and it even introduces some extraneous background noise.

The micro is good enough for gaming at home and for VoIP calls. There’s an optional Tournament model, which offers noise cancellation. If you’re regularly playing in noisy environments like LAN parties, then it may be useful. Otherwise, the stock mike is good enough.


So yes, it’s expensive, but then you get levels of comfort and sound quality that you won’t often find in other gaming headsets. There’s an argument to be made that it’s certainly worth the expense, as it’s one of the best in the market today. This Turtle Beach Elite Pro review is not the only one that regards it as excellent.

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